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Program of the Utah Pioneer Jubilee: July 20th to 24th, 1897

Utah Pioneer Jubilee


Fiftieth Anniversary of the Arrival

of the First Band of Pioneers

In the Valley of the Great Salt Lake

July 20 to 24, 1897

Official Program

(The following text is quoted mostly from the original Jubilee Program)

First Day (Tuesday, July 20)

8:00 am

State salute by Battery A., National Guard of Utah

9:00 am

Assembling of the Pioneers at the Old Fort Square

10:30 am

Unveiling of the Monument in honor of Brigham Young and the Pioneers

Of the 2,000 or more Pioneers who entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, there are about 650 survivors. The purpose has been to assemble these survivors at Salt Lake during the Jubilee. As many of these as are physically able to do so, will meet at 9 o’clock a.m. on Pioneer Square, the spot where the first camp was made, and, preceded by the Grand Marshal and the survivors of the Nauvoo Brass Band and Ballou’s Band, will march via Third South and East Temple.

This Monument is the gift of the grateful people of Utah to the State, to perpetuate their appreciation of those who gave civilization to the Western Empire. Its shaft is surmounted by a heroic figure of Brigham Young – Utah’s great Pioneer and Statesman. Owing to the lack of time the figures of a trapper and an Indian, which will be in seating posture around the base, have not yet been placed. The conception is that of C. E. Dallin, Utah’s most famous sculptor. It was erected by popular subscription at a cost of $35,000, under the direction of the Brigham Young Memorial Association, of which James Sharp is president, Gov. Heber M. Wells secretary and E. A. Smith treasurer. The Monument is located at the intersection of East Temple and South Temple streets, in the very center of historic Salt Lake.


Public Reception to the Surviving Pioneers of 1847, at the Tabernace, includes reading of the Prize Poem by David McKenzie

  Presentation of badges to the surviving pioneers: “This badge is of gold, the work of Messrs. Tiffany & Co., New York. It presents typical figures in the early history of Utah, including an accurate medallion portrait of President Brigham Young. It is given as an insignia of honor to the Pioneers – something to be handed down through future generations of their families as a perpetual reminder of the achievements of their ancestors. The badges will be presented by twenty-seven young ladies, representing the twenty-seven counties of the State. Note – Pioneer badges will entitle the owners to free admission to all amusements under the control of the Commission. (see Exhibit)

At Beautiful Saltair. Tuesday afternoon – the celebrated Indian Brass Band from Grand Junction, Colorado

Baseball at Fort Douglas: 3:30 pm. Park City vs. Jubilee

3:00 pm

Bicycle races at Beck’s Hot Springs, including classes of Novice, Amateur, Professional

8:30 pm

Grand Concert at the Tabernacle in Honor of the Pioneers; Mr. and Mrs. William Jennings Bryan will be Present as Guests of Honor Pioneer Plays by Pioneer Players "Many of the players named are members of the old Pioneer Dramatic Associations organized soon after the arrival of the Pioneers”: The Charcoal Burner, Witch Scenes from Macbeth, and Family Jars

Second Day (Wednesday, July 21)

The Pageant of Progress

Including floats such as "Utah 1847," “First Saw Pit,” “First House in Utah,” “The Gulls and Crickets,” “The Ship ‘Brooklyn,’” “Temple Building in 1862,” “The Overland Stage,” “First Telegram Sent from Utah,” “The Prairie Schooner,” and “The Silk Worm.”

Wedding of the Waters

At Beautiful Saltair: Concert by Christensen’s Orchestra, Ceremony of the “Wedding of the Waters. The baptism of the Jordan River will take place at about sunset on Wednesday afternoon, July 21st.”

“Utah will arrive on the train accompanied by her attendants. On the pavilion near the wharf, they will assemble to await the arrival of Neptune and Posilidon [sic], who will start from a given point at the sounding of the trumpet. Upon their arrival fitting ceremonies will be observed by which the waters of the River Jordan of Galilee will be mingled with those of the Jordan of Utah, baptizing the young Jordan. The whole to terminate with a Grand Ball in honor of Utah and her Maids, and the County Queens.”


3:00 pm

At Beck’s Hot Springs: Football game

Base Ball at Fort Douglas

8:30 pm

Concert and Musical Contest at the Tabernacle

Pioneer Plays by Pioneer Players: A Wonderful Woman and The Toodles

  At Calder’s Park: Every Day and Night During Jubilee Week – 12 Noon to 12 Midnight: “Native Indian Band in Camp, giving their startling War and Ghost Dances. Grand Band Concert every afternoon and evening. Beautiful Boat Riding. Illuminated Balloon Ascension every evening. Trick Bicycle Riding by Bud Snider, champion of the world. Grand Ball every afternoon and evening. Horse Racing every afternoon. $1000 in purses. Bicycle Racing, every night on the illuminated track. Great Long Distance Bicycle Race from Monday night, July 19th, to Saturday night, July 24th.”

Third Day (Thursday, July 22)

Children's Parade

“As the line of children pass the monument to President Brigham Young and the Pioneers, they will throw flowers upon the Pedestal. Some of the children’s floats include “Mother Goose,” “Sego Lily,” "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater,” “The Beehive,” “Fairy Queen,” “Little Miss Muffett.” After the Parade, children continue marching to Tabernacle, where they will be seated for the following service.”

Thursday Afternoon – Thrilling Ghost Dance by a band of Indians from the reservation.

Thursday Evening – “Wild East Show” by a band of ten Arabs, headed by Sie Hassan Ben Ali.

Illuminated Night Parade

“Spectacular Scene the Like of Which Was Never Before Witnessed In the West!” Under the theme “Salt Lake, Real and Fanciful,” the night floats included “The Serpent of the Great Salt Lake” (designed by J.S. Anderson) and “Utah Lake” designed by J. T. Harwood.
Monster Attractions:

The Wild East – A band of ten Bedouin Arabs, led by the celebrated star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Sie Hassan Ben Ali, in their startling equestrian and acrobatic feats, known as “The Moorish Phantasy.”

The Leadville Drum Corps – The famous organization in their sensational “Silent Drill.”

War and Ghost Dances by Bannock and Shoshone Warriors from the Fort Hall reservation.

Bud Snider – The World’s Champion Trick Bicycle Rider.

Daring Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jumps by Prof. Wayne Abbott.

Admission 25c; grand stand 50c; children half price.

Fourth Day (Friday, July 23)

11:00 am

Riches of the Counties: "A Revelation of the Resources and Possibilities of the State of Utah." The Parade of the Counties, included floats from ZCMI, Box Elder County, Davis County, and Emery County.

At Beautiful Saltair:

Friday Afternoon – Professor Wayne Abbott, the daring aeronaut, will make a balloon ascension and parachute jump. Concert by Full Brass Band

Gorgeous Display of Fireworks at Night.

  At the Lagoon. Friday evening beginning at 6 o’clock – The renowned troop of Arabs, headed by Sie Hassan Ben Ali, chief, will give one of their spectacular performances. Special trains from the Hot Springs Depot.
At Garfield Beach, The Famous Bathing Resort
The celebrated old steamboat, General Garfield, named after President Garfield, will be towed out into the lake a distance of one mile, and demolished by shells from the Batter of the Utah Militia. Grand Ball every evening during Jubilee week.

Base Ball at Fort Douglas

Field Sports at Beck’s Hot Springs. Including Fifty-yard foot race, standing high kick, putting the shot, running broad jump, pole vaulting, bronco riding, and a tug of war.

Pioneer Day (Saturday, July 24)

  State Salute at Sunrise by Fort Douglas and State Batteries
Pioneer Parade

Note – The Pioneer Parade will be the crowning feature of the Jubilee, a fitting culmination of five days’ jovial celebrations. This parade will eclipse in length, beauty and diversity of features, any other parade ever given in the United States west of the Mississippi.

The Deseret Evening News reported: "Miles of Beauty and Glory. Consolidated Pageant of Magnificence Never Before Approached in the West. The Sixth and Last of the Jubilee Processions A Superb Spectacle. Vast Throng of Spectators Filled with Enthusiastic Delight--Beyond Question the Grandest Display Ever Witnessed in the West--Six Splendid Processions United Into One, Make an All-eclipsing Finale!"

President Brigham Young’s Pioneer Council Wagon drawn by his grand-sons and grand-daughters.

8:30 pm

A Free Exhibition of Fireworks on Capitol Hill at the Head of Main Street. “This will be one of the largest pyrotechnic displays ever seen in the United States, consisting of brilliant illuminations, thousands of Roman Candles, Rockets, Bombshells, Tourbillions and Whirlwinds. A special feature will be Monster Rockets and Thirty-six inch Bombshells, the largest ever manufactured.

Three thirty-feet Balloons will ascend to a great height, displaying showers of fireworks.

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