This is Still the Place: Utah's 1897 Pioneer Jubilee

The Pioneer Jubilee Hall of Relics

What kind of artifacts were displayed in the Hall of Relics?

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Months before the Jubilee, organizers began to call for any suriving pioneers or their relatives to accumulate significant items for display at the celebration. The Hall of Relics contained hundreds of objects donated or loaned by people answering this call. At a total cost of $3,500, the Hall of Relics was specifically designed as a temporary building, and construction began only in June, leaving one month to complete the structure. The design was based on the Parthenon and the statues flanking the front were based on similar ones created by famous Utah sculptor Cyrus Edwin Dallin (1861-1944).

Brigham Young wagon

Brigham Young kerchief

Flat Iron


Label from Hall of Relics

Sea Chest

Socks made from first cotton grown in Utah

Catalog Cover

Brigham Young Hall Tree

Many of the objects displayed at the Hall of Relics ultimately found their way into the Pioneer Memorial Museum. Above are a few of the items that Jubilee visitors could see in 1897 that are now protected and preserved by Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Where was the Hall of Relics located in Salt Lake City?

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