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Utah's 1897 Pioneer Jubilee - Artifacts Exhibit

Commemorative Mug. A mystery surrounds this humorous stoneware mug, one of four owned by the Pioneer Memorial Museum that purports to commemorate the Pioneer Jubilee. The glazed, cream colored mug appears to be designed and made by Pabst (Brewing Company) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Decorated with two shields, one showing a portrait of Brigham Young, and the other the Utah beehive with the date "September 9, 1850" (interestingly, the day California was admitted as a state by President Millard Fillmore). The cup is marked with a circular trademark saying "Pabst Milwaukee" surrounding a plant under the letter "B." The exact history of the production of the mug remains elusive. In the 1890s, Pabst beer was widely advertised and distributed in the American West (thanks to the new railroad), yet Pabst Brewing Company claims the name and trademark were used on the mug without company consent. Was the maker genuine in their attempt to commemorate the primarily L.D.S. celebration, or was someone poking fun at the Word of Wisdom tenant (the Mormon instruction to avoid alcoholic beverages, which was gaining significant influence by 1896)? This example was owned by a pioneer of 1849, Charles Alma Berry of Springville, Utah. Berry considered the mug a treasured possession and "drank milk from it at every meal."

(Accession #9880; dimensions: 4" high x 3.5" diam.; donor: Hepsy Burch)


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