This is Still the Place: Utah's 1897 Pioneer Jubilee


Pioneer Wagon. One of the most alluring items on display at the Hall of Relics was the "vehicle in which President Brigham Young crossed the plains in 1847." This wagon was also drawn in the parade by Young's grandchildren. The wagon, which had seats running lengthwise in the bed, was used as a council house, the moving headquarters of the pioneer company and the L.D.S. church, during the journey. The wagon is said to have been made by the father of Horace S. Eldredge in Nauvoo, Illinois. The wagon was not specifically made for Young, but was the best suited to his requirements. After its historic trip across the plains, the wagon became the property of John W. Young (a son) who moved to Arizona. In the Jubilee year, the L.D.S. Church sent $10 to the current owner to cover the cost of shipping the wagon back to Salt Lake to be displayed in the Hall of Relics. "What a story it could tell of vicissitudes and travel, of anxiety and hope, of weary days and broken sleep, to say nothing of the experiences endured since then, here and in Arizona from whence it came for the Jubilee" (Catalogue, p.20-21). (Accession # 112; dimensions: height 83" x width 76" x length 135"; donor: David King Udall)

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