Legacy, Website and Facebook Guidelines


Dear Daughters,

What a wonderful organization we belong to.  Legacy comes out quarterly and is a great way to share what we are all up to.  Your article just may inspire another daughter with a terrific idea! For Legacy archive, click here.

Depending on the nature of your submittal and timeliness of the information, we may also post to our other publications, such as the ISDUP Official Website, or the ISDUP Office Facebook page.  In order to improve the quality of photos and accuracy of content, whenever possible, please use the following guidelines when submitting any of our communication tools.  Please submit Legacy articles 7 weeks prior to publication (see chart below). 

If I can be of any service, please call, text, write, or email me.

Submit ALL articles to: Verna Hazelbaker, Legacy Editor, legacy@isdup.org

Or, 300 North Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103-1699, Attention: Legacy, ISDUP Website, or Facebook

verna_hazelbaker2002@yahoo.com, or 801-866-9276, mobile and text




How to submit to Legacy

1.       Email content to legacy@isdup.org or ask someone with a computer to help you email your article. We prefer email but we will never turn away handwritten article.

a.        Title your article

b.        Include company and camp name

c.        Indicate the town and state

2.       To improve the quality of the photos, please email a digital image or send a photo.  In order to avoid copyright violations, please do not send screen captures from the internet.

3.       Include a contact person’s name and phone number.


What to Submit

You may wonder what type of information we are interested in.  Here are just a few topics we would love to receive articles on:

1.       Camp or company activities, recognitions, visits, events, and celebrations, etc.

2.       Museum and marker events, and celebrations, etc.

3.       Outreach activities and events by camps, companies, museums, and cemeteries.

4.       Membership recruitment successes including associate membership recruitment

5.       Fundraising activities, events, and donations.

6.       Lesson book uses such as donations, gifts, perspective member loaner, door prize, reference for ancestor research.


When to Submit



Submit before:


Aug 2016

Jun 27


Nov 2016

Sep 28


Feb 2017

Dec 28


May 2017

Mar 28



What is it? Where is it? How do I use it?

ISDUP Website - www.isdup.org

•       Find department information, company and camp forms, applications, history and photo search, satellite museums, grants and training, and DUP markers.

•       Shop online for books, pins, awards, certificates, etc.


Announcement Blog

•       Inform: typical use is to inform members and other interested parties of ISDUP and member activities

           •        ISDUP events: President’s Packet, conventions, seminars, workshops, and parties and limited DUP community events

           •       Announcements, contests, deadlines

           •       Days of ‘47


Please submit all information. Articles, announcements to: legacy@isdup.org



What is it?

An application used on a mobile phone or computer.  ISDUP uses Facebook to “post” late breaking news, announcements, and timely information that may not have made it into the Legacy newsletter.  

How to use it

•       Friend and follow us on Facebook for automatic notifications. Or, check frequently for ISDUP announcements, future event details, workshops, community events related to DUP from our website.

•        Don’t have Facebook?  Then, go to our website and click “Join us on Facebook”, which is located in the Welcome section.

Please submit all information. Articles, announcements to: legacy@isdup.org