DUP Historical Markers


Daughters of Utah Pioneers maintain historical markers in numerous states and countries.

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Utah History Resource Center, Markers and Monuments Database, please click here.

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The care of all monuments within your Company boundaries are under the supervision of the Company Marker Chairman or the Company First Vice President.  Do you know where your markers are? Are you proud of the condition of the monument and the plaque? Is the area around the monument free of weeds, trash, or other unsightly problems?


Bronze plaques are no longer provided by International Daughters of Utah Pioneers. We now use Novalloy markers that are virtually maintenance-free and weather resistant.

Plaque size: The regular plaque size is 16" high by 22" wide. Smaller ones can vary in size according to need. Larger ones can be made with the Camp or Company covering the additional cost.

The surface can be wiped clean with soap and water using a soft cloth. Should vandals spray the plaque with paint, it can be removed with paint remover without marring the finish. Vinegar, Ajax, paint thinner, or liquid dry cleaner can be used, if necessary. Do not use steel wool or steel brushes.

Do not spray any clear varnish or other protective coat on the plaque. It is not necessary and may damage the plaque. Paste wax may be applied for added luster and protection, but this is not necessary.

MOUNTING THE PLAQUE (Done by the sponsoring group)

The plaque comes with screw holes in the back which do not extend through the face of the plaque. Mounting bolts are furnished which are screwed into the plaque. Holes are drilled into the monument or building and filled with epoxy. The screw heads fit into epoxy and then let dry.


Remember these plaques are historical themselves. They are no longer made. Sometimes they are extremely hard to clean, but it is worth the effort. If these plaques are so weathered that you have trouble cleaning them, you might need professional help. Be sure the hired professionals know how to work with bronze.

Lighten only the tops of the letters. Do NOT try to lighten the background. Do NOT spray anything onto the plaque as a protective coat.

1) Clean the entire plaque with a gentle cleaner and water. Bronze is a soft metal, so use a soft brush. Do not use any steel brush or steel wool! You will scratch the plaque.
2) Brighten just the surface with a light abrasive sandpaper, #400. Do not use a sanding block.
3) Brass cleaners: there is a difference of opinion regarding brass cleaners. One company said that the commercial brass cleaner would not help. Another company said that the addition of one cup vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt added to the brass cleaner would work.