Jubilee Collection


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Brigham Young's wagon into the Salt Lake Valley, the Semi-Centennial Commission planned to host a spectacular four-day celebration to honor the surviving pioneers. Only one year after Utah's statehood, organizers wanted the Pioneer Jubilee to be “the biggest celebration in the country since the 1893 World’s Fair” and the largest event yet to be seen west of the Mississippi. 


In the tradition of pageantry of the 1890s, patriotic themes loom large in the Jubilee: flags, eagles, and the stars and stripes can be seen throughout the decorations and souvenirs from the event. The Jubilee, however, has another, parallel set of images in its pageantry: those related to the settling of the area by members of the L.D.S. Church. Beehives and bees for industriousness, sea gulls, Brigham Young, and other significantly Mormon symbols permeated the event. This joint demonstration of patriotism and singularity makes Utah's celebration stand out like no other in the last decade of the nineteenth century.


Likewise, as Daughters of Utah Pioneers, we celebrate the arrival of Brigham Young and the pioneers to the Utah valley.  We have also used the Jubilee to celebrate Brigham Young’s birthday, June 1.


The Jubilee Collection consists of Legacy Jubilee articles submitted by camps and companies.  The collection will grow as you continue to submit articles to the Legacy


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