School Tours



Field Trips

Each year, thousands of school children come to the Pioneer Memorial Museum on field trips to learn about Utah's past. School groups are welcome to browse the museum themselves or to use one of our interactive guides that are available to use to help students engage with the museum exhibits. Docents will be available to answer your questions, and you may enjoy viewing a twelve minute film about pioneers and the museum. Please provide at least one adult supervisor for every ten children.

Call the Museum at (801) 532-6479 to schedule the day and time you want to come. We will want to know these things:

  • Name and address of school
  • Phone Number
  • Your Name
  • Grade Level or age of students
  • Number of Students
  • Preferred date and time of visit



Interactive Guides

We have two interactive guides, Check Out Our Museum and Explore Our Museum that you can download. Check Out Our Museum asks the student to find certain artifacts and check them off as they go. The second entitled Explore Our Museum asks the student to fill out information based on what they discover in the museum. Both are designed to be double-sided and folded in half to form a one-sheet booklet with four pages. Download the two pages (by clicking above); copy them double-sided on to one sheet; fold the sheet in half with the picture of the museum on the top cover.


We also have a Bingo game, the cards to which you can download here.

If necessary and time permits, you may also request one paper version of these guides when you schedule the field trip. Please allow two weeks for delivery. We can also email these guides to you as attachments.

You will be responsible for supplying the appropriate number of copies for your group.