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Daughters of the Utah Pioners
Items of Interest



ZCMI Chandelier

A unique chapter in Utah history came to an end in 1999 when America's first department store, ZCMI, ended its 130-year enterprise. Their original downtown Salt Lake store eventually became Macy's, and when their doors finally closed for good in 2006, Macy's offered the members of Daughters of Utah Pioneers a chance to own a piece of Utah history. (read more)


Rags and Paper Trivia

In 1851, the  Deseret News suspended publication for three months, due to a shortage of rags they used to make paper. Rags were a primary ingredient used to make paper. The result was a thick, gray paper that was often streaked with colors from the old shirts, pants, and dresses used to make it. In 1854, a papermaking mill established on Temple Square in Salt Lake City (read more)


Love! Love! Love!

There are many historical factors that explain how Valentine's Day began. As far back as the ancient times, the middle of February was a time of the year devoted to love and fertility for the Greeks and Romans.(read more)