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Company Lesson Leaders Instruction

We are pleased with the reception from DUP members for the new series of lessons based on our museum collections and hope that lesson leaders will share the same enthusiasm as they meet with leaders in the camps.

The role of a Company Lesson Leader should be to serve as a resource person for Camp Lesson Leaders. They should choose portions of the text they find particularly interesting to their audiences. It is never necessary to bring in outside information as all lessons contain enough information and pictures to provide information that will interest our members. Pictures included in the text may be copied and enlarged. Photos may also be ordered from our excellent Photo Department at the museum.

The Company Lesson Leader should present a summary of the lesson at company meetings and serve as a mentor for the Camp Lesson Leader.

  • Suggest ways to present the lesson.
  • Suggest pictures to use with the lesson.
  • Suggest parts of the lesson of particular interest to local camps.
  • Be enthusiastic about the lesson content.

  • Note: At the end of the year lessons are re-read by the Lesson Committee and corrections are made of any errors which have inadvertently appeared in the text before the annual volume with its index is printed. We appreciate being notified before the end of June of any errors detected by Daughters in the contents of lessons. Errors noted after June 30 cannot be corrected.


Tentative Lessons 2016-2017

Photo Preview of Lessons for 2016-2017


Month Lesson Title Song Title Page
September 2016                Stories of Kindness on the Trail Those Pioneers p. 34
October 2016 Deseret Alphabet and the School Room In A Bouncy Buggy*  
November 2016 Souvenirs and Memorabilia All My Mothers*  
December 2016 Christmas in the Rocky Mountains Choose a Christmas Carol  
January 2017 Pioneer Artisans A Motto for Every Man p. 310
February 2017 Pioneer Samplers On Our Way*  
March 2017 Brigham City Cabin and Museum Billie Boy p. 90
April 2017 Clothing Styles of the 1800s Wait for the Wagon p. 177
May 2017 Hidden Treasures from the Museum The Lives They Lived*  

*From Song Contest Collection